Best in the World – How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement

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I love it! People on a lean journey will feel empowered with the simplicity of these concepts. This book deserves a big audience.
Mike Morrison, Founder of the University of Toyota

The inspiration and easy-to-use tools Joakim and this book have given us have taken our work with continuous improvement to a higher level.
Annika Mattsson, Finance Services Manager, IKEA

A great book that covers all critical elements of idea management in an entertaining story.
Dean M. Schroeder, Herbert and Agnes Schulz Professor of Management at Valparaiso University and bestselling author of “Ideas Are Free”

I was thrilled all the way while reading this book. It is a great work on continuous improvement that we will definitely use to train all our employees.
Karunagaran Krishnan, Operations Director, Camfil Farr Malaysia

Just do it! Most of the time there are many excuses about why not to start improving right away. This book eliminates them all by showing how easy it is. Joakim captures it all when he asks where am I, where do I want to go and how do I get there? So, if you are serious about improving, just start and learn while you improve. And if you get stuck – go back and read the book again.
Peter Palmér, Senior Manager Process Support, Scania

An amusing and amazing guide in lean principles, with simple tools for simplifications. It´s the perfect gift to your colleagues for your joint trip from good to great!
Susanne Schipper, Continuous Improvement Coach, AstraZeneca

Everyone who wants to improve should read and keep this book on their desktop. It is entertaining and shows that it does not have to be difficult to create an improvement culture. I should warn you though, when you are done reading it you will not be able to think of anything else than your next improvement project.
Patrik Färdow, CEO, G4S Cash Solutions, Sweden

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