Clarion Hotels: We are becoming ever better at taking care of our guests

Katalin_Paldeak_webbImprovement work is a matter of attitude. And attitude is a matter of survival in a highly competitive industry as the hotel industry is. This realization was the one that made Clarion Hotel start working systematically to gather and implement ideas and feedback from customers and employees.

– Since we started working with C2, we have seen gains in virtually all areas: guest satisfaction, more engaged employees, greater profitability and a stronger brand, says Katalin Paldeak who is Executive Vice President at Clarion Hotel Norden.

Clarion Hotel’s method is a combination of “idea coaches”, brainstorming meetings and System C2. The system is used to collect all customer related matters; comments, complaints, praise from guests or suggestions from employees on how to make guests happier. The staff then meet in their working groups to develop ideas and solutions to each specific problem.

– For a hotel customer, the details are important. The hotel industry is an entertainment industry, and every little Implemented improvement contributes positively to our customers’ experience of our hotel. That is what ultimately makes all the difference, says Katalin Paldeak.

– We aim to get a high and consistent level of quality in all our hotels. We must appreciate the creativity of all our employees. Improvement efforts should be an integral part of everyday life. Continuous improvement is a means to achieve our vision. And that we will do!

The results of the improvement work at Clarion Hotels

  • 39,000 improvements implemented over the last five years = average of 8 implemented improvements/employee
  • 5MSEK/year in implemented savings proposals
  • Highest loyalty to their own brand within the Choice Group (total 170 hotels)
  • Best Swedish hotel chain seven years in a row – 2010-2016 – Grand Travel Award
  • Alan G. Robinson Award 2010 – an award for the best improvement