Free webinar: “Building the Fit Organization” with Dan Markovitz

Trying to be like Toyota is a mistake. What leaders need to do instead is learn from Toyota—learn how to convert their flabby organizations into dynamic, constantly improving and profoundly customer-focused entities. A “fit” organization, led by a “fit” leader, has the ability to continually improve in a manner that delivers superior performance and results over the long haul.

This exclusive webinar with internationally renowned author, speaker and coach Dan Markovitz is based on the new book, Building the Fit Organization. Dan distills the lessons from the Toyota Production System into six core concepts, and delivers them in the easily understandable language of physical fitness and athletic excellence—no Japanese, no English jargon, and no hackneyed, alienating references to Toyota.

In this webinar you will learn the best way to:

  • Increase commitment to improvement
  • Increase value, don’t reduce costs
  • Think horizontally, not vertically
  • Define the right way to work
  • Work with visual management and real time feedback
  • Coach with respect—and in the trenches

About Dan Markovitz
Dan Markovitz is president of Markovitz Consulting, a firm that helps organizations become faster, stronger, and more agile markovitzthrough the application of lean principles to knowledge work.

His first book, A Factory of One, was honored with a Shingo Research Award in 2013. His new book, Building the Fit Organization, will come out in September.

Markovitz has published articles in the Harvard Business Review blog, Quality Progress, Industry Week, Reliable Plant, and Management Services Journal, among other magazines. He will be a keynote speaker at the Lean UK Summit later this fall, and keynoted both the 2015 Lean Island Conference in Reykjavik, and the 2015 Printing Industry Association National Conference. He’s also a regular presenter at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence National Conference and the Outdoor Industry Association Rendezvous.

Markovitz lived in Japan for four years and is fluent in Japanese. He holds a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

The webinar is free of charge.


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