Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvement 2016


Already over 160 participants registered for this year’s Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvement

During the Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvement 2016 we will look in to how to find the balance between work tools and soft skills in order to create the right circumstances to succeed with continuous improvement.

We will look in to how to create a platform in your organization that will allow ideas to flow freely and create a safe environment so you can release the full potential of your coworkers. Be inspired to find the means to do so with John Foley and business cases from well-known Swedish companies and abroad.

Day 1 – John Foley – 2016’s key-note speaker

16th of November

For you who participated at the forum in 2013 you received a copy of Karen Martins book: The Outstanding Organization. It is said that the most important thing should be the first or the last thing that you say. In Karen’s last chapter she tells a story about an organization called Blue Angels, an organization that has had outstanding results, you can read the chapter for free here. During this year’s conference – 2016 – we will be able to listen to a former solo pilot from Blue Angels, John Foley. He will share with you: methods and tools on how to build high performing teams.

It will be a good mix of structural processes for continuous improvement that has been improved since 1946. John’s lecture will also include insightful models for how you create trust in your organization.

John Foley has since his time as pilot for the Blue Angels helped several well-known companies to improve their business. He has also been a Sloan Fellow at Standford School of Business.

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John will talk about how they worked within Blue Angels to become the best of the best. It is a combination of the will to excel at your work and to care for one another. You can watch a short video clip with John by clicking the image below:



Business case #1 – CCB Technology, Melody Bernhardt

Embrace #GladToBeHeremelody2

CCB Technology has provided IT services, hardware and software to businesses and nonprofits across the United States since 1991. They have been ranked among the top 500 IT providers in the US for the last 8 years and as one of the top 150 IT service providers . In 2015, Melody Bernhardt, VP of marketing at CCB Technology, was recognized as one of the Power 50 Women of the Channel, an industry award highlighting female executives for their influence in the IT industry. She serves on several industry marketing boards including Microsoft, Dell and Intel. During this past year, Melody, leveraging John Foley´s philosophies and methodology, lead CCB Technology in embracing a “Glad to Be Here” theme and mindset. They have successfully seen the following results:

  • Increased employee job satisfaction, as expressed in two employee surveys administered by independent outside organizations.
  • A greater willingness to embrace change and face challenges with a “for the greater good”, team-focused mentality.
  • A more responsive management team in enhancing employee work/life balance benefits and adapting CCB’s culture to better meet the needs of a new generation of employees.

Listen more to Melody and hear stories from the employees at CCB Technology during the first day at the Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvement  2016.

Day 2 – Swedish business cases

17 november

Day 2 will be held only in Swedish, for more information please visit the Swedish site


Standard price 680 EUR / 1 day + VAT

If you are group that wants to come? That is excellent! Our experience is that the impact will be much better at home when you are more than one who attends the conference. Please contact and we will send you a discounted offer.

Nordic Forum for Continuous iImprovement has been taking place since 2000.

The Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvements in 2015 was highly appreciated and the annual event has become one of the highlights during the year for Swedish quality managers on the theme how to create high-performing improvement cultures. Last year speakers included one of the world’s leading experts on group development Patrick Cowden and one of Sweden’s leading experts on improvement cultures Ola Ljunggren Bergeå. In addition, several highly appreciated business cases were presented from well-known companies such as: MTR, The Absolute Company and Parker Hannifin.

During the Nordic Forum for Continuous improvement’s 15-year history, the evaluations has showed over 99% satisfied participants and a NPS (Net Promoter Score) over 60! This corresponds to 9 out of 10 on average to the question ”How likely are you to recommend someone else to take part in next year’s Nordic Forum?”

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