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About C2 Management

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C2 Management – Gain results through continuous improvement

C2 Management helps you to establish continuous improvements that provide measurable results. Since 1999, we help our clients to manage ideas from their employees, customers and suppliers in order to reach their targets more easily.

The web-based tool System C2™ provides a simple structure for driving the improvement process at companies like ABB, AstraZeneca, and Clarion Hotels. For our customers to be successful, we enhance their ability through consulting, training and seminars.

System C2™ has over 150 client companies out of which 20 are publicly traded. Many of our customers are ISO certified and have multiple sites of operation. You can find a list of C2 Management’s customers here. C2 Management AB is certified i accordance to the ISO standards for quality, environment and information security (click on the images below).

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System C2 – not just an IT support

System C2 ™ is a powerful driving force to getting things done. It enables you to systematically deal with employee proposals customer complaints, deviations, incidents – anything that can help your business get better.

All System C2™ cases are managed in a simple flow. It makes it very easy to follow all cases and ensure that they are implemented and monitored.

System C2 ™ is web based and designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly. It is fully customizable to suit your needs and is continually being developed through best practices.

The C2 Concept – a complete approach to continuous improvement

At C2 Management, we want our customers to be highly successful. Therefore we follow up and support our C2 clients continually. We do this through consulting, training and seminars.

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