Leading from the Future

Do you and your management team want to realize the full potential of your collaboration? Härta

Often a management team’s well-thought-through plans do not give the desired result and the potential in many teams is lost due to contradictory behavioral patterns. The program ”Leading from the Future” improves your management team’s openness, trust, accountability and ability to implement decisions and changes. This unique program is led by one of the world’s best coaches together with an internationally renowned authority on developing high-performance improvement cultures.

Common impediments limiting the effectiveness and development of a management team
• Watching one’s own back and conflicting interests between the different parts of the organization
• Meetings are considered ineffective and a necessary evil
• Decisions made have limited or no effect
• Lack of motivation, initiative and accountability in the management team or among the other members of the organization
• Fear of change
• No time to focus on strategic, long term issues


This is what we promise management teams completing ”Leading form the Future”

• The management team will become a ”winning team” with the ability to act as coaching leaders in order to create a ”winning team” of the whole organization
• Increased knowledge about improvement principles and a more positive view on change and the own ability to create a desired future
• Breakthroughs as a consequence of a significant increase in effectiveness when implementing decisions made


Contents and structure of the program

”Leading from the Future” is for teams of managers at any level of an organization and is 9 days long in total. Before session 1 and between the rest of the sessions each member of the team receives 1.5 hours of individual coaching with the purpose of clarifying personal concerns and to strengthen the individual’s contribution to the team.


The 4 sessions of the program are interactive and practical workshops. During the 1st session the entire management team defines visions and desired future states for key areas of the business. With the result from session 1 as a framework the rest of the sessions focus on improving the participants’ ability to systematically overcome obstacles and to realize plans, visions and above all the full potential of a team. Positive and long team side effects from this journey is a more open climate, improved understanding for each other and an improved ability to develop organizations marked by high improvement competence and team spirit.

About the program leaders

Hans Korduner leads the company Coaching & Team Building since 1987. His is a world pioneer in coaching and considered one of the world’s best coaches. He has coached thousands of people and has led hundreds of leadership programs.

_DSC4208_hasse_400_550Hans is a Master of Science in Biochemistry, holds an MBA in economics, is a behavioral scientist, a coach and a graduate from The Executive Excellence Program in the US. His was nominated the leadership developer of the year in Sweden in 2012.

When asked about his mission, Hans says: People are born with a tremendous potential. I want to give people the opportunity and the tools to utilize it fully. I am passionate about seeing people prosper and living a fulfilled life in harmony and peace”.

Joakim Ahlström is Head of Consulting at C2 Management and has more than 12 years of experience of training, coaching and leading teams on their improvement journeys.

_DSC4469_jocke_400_550Joakim is Sweden’s leading authority on creating a continuous improvement culture. Joakim is a popular inspirational speaker and an appreciated business coach who has helped many companies across the globe, both manufacturing and service organizations, to achieve long-term improvement in performance by supporting the development of a high-performance continuous improvement culture. He is the author of How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement – A Primer for Becoming the Best in the World, which was published at McGraw-Hill in New York, USA, in 2014.

When asked about his mission, Joakim says: Genuine collaboration enriches our lives and creates breakthrough results you didn’t think possible. By helping them see it I challenge individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Willingness to learn and a systematic approach are the keys that will lead us forward on the journey.

Could this be something for you and your management team?

For more information about the program and its leaders please contact Joakim Ahlström.