Free webinar: World class quality management at PartnerTech

Toyota is the company that perhaps most associate with continuous improvement and systematic quality management. What is it like then to be a supplier to Toyota? This and other interesting facts you will find out if you participate in this 1-hour seminar with Håkan from PartnerTech Åtvidaberg.

PartnerTech is a world leading industrial partner working with production in MedTech and other advanced manufacturing areas. PartnerTech has always had high demands from customers, and the same high demands on its suppliers, and has therefore developed cutting edge quality management practices. During 2015 PartnerTech implemented System C2 as a node for all non-conformities at all 12 sites worldwide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Håkan and Mats sharing their experiences on:

  • Cutting edge quality management
  • How System C2 works as a hub for non-conformities
  • How visualization creates a drive in the improvement work
  • How supplier claims are automatically generated
  • How the connection to the ERP speeds up the case management.

Seminar leaders: Håkan Hult, Quality Manager MedTech, PartnerTech Åtvidaberg & Christian Gustafsson, C2 Management
When: September 10th, 1 p.m.
How: Via computer (Skype/Lync)
Cost: Free of charge

The seminar will be held in English


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